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We have been providing rare and endangered heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers to gardeners and market growers since 1996. Our online catalogue has over 650 heirloom seed varieties available, in retail packet sizes and bulk amounts. We have one of the most diverse selections of Certified Organic seeds in Canada, and we add to this each year.




  1. A Description of Watermelons

    History: Watermelons originated in Southwest Africa and were prized for their ability to take up and hold a large amount of water - they were often used as a source of uncontaminated water. Their popularity spread to the Middle East and from there to southern Europe, particularly Spain and Portugal. By 1629 they had arrived in the U.S. and the southern States proved to have the perfect climate for growing them. Gradually, shorter season varieties were developed or brought from Russia so that northern gardeners could enjoy their juicy sweetness as well. Cultivation: Watermelons are heat-lovers and need regular watering. They are best started indoors 4 weeks before the last frost. Sow seed 1/4-1/2" deep in soil-less mix. Plant out 3-4' apart in rich soil in sun when temperatures and the soil have fully warmed. Transplanting too early into cool soil can cause the seedlings to rot. Do not disturb roots while transplanting. Companions: corn, squash


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