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We have been providing rare and endangered heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers to gardeners and market growers since 1996. Our online catalogue has over 650 heirloom seed varieties available, in retail packet sizes and bulk amounts. We have one of the most diverse selections of Certified Organic seeds in Canada, and we add to this each year.



Pepper, Hot

  1. A Description of Hot Peppers

    History: Peppers are native to Central and South America and have been grown there for over 7000 years. Columbus, thinking he had found the East Indies when he landed in the West Indies, assumed that the hot fruit he was introduced to was the highly-valued black pepper from that region and so, in yet another case of mistaken identity, gave it that name. Returning with Columbus to Europe, their popularity spread until they came to North America with the early settlers. Cultivation: Peppers are heat-lovers and need to be started indoors to produce fruit in this climate. Sow seed 1/4-1/2" deep in soil-less mix in flats 7 - 8 weeks before last frost. Harden off & plant out 18-20" apart when temperatures and the soil have fully warmed. Companions: basil, oregano, parsley, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants.


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