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We have been providing rare and endangered heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers to gardeners and market growers since 1996. Our online catalogue has over 650 heirloom seed varieties available, in retail packet sizes and bulk amounts. We have one of the most diverse selections of Certified Organic seeds in Canada, and we add to this each year.




  1. A Description of Peas

    History: Peas are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. According to Peter Henderson, in his "Handbook of Plants" (1881), the origin of the pea is obscure but is considered to have been southern Europe, and evidence of peas has been found in stone age villages. By the 13th C., it was a British food staple and continues to be to this day. As a child, I learned a popular English rhyme "I eat my peas with honey, I've done so all my life, The taste is rather funny, But it keeps them on my knife!". I never did try that. Cultivation: Easy to grow. Peas are cool weather crops and should be direct sown in the garden 1/2" deep and 3" apart as soon as the soil can be worked in early spring. Sow again in late summer for a fall harvest. Regular picking prolongs the harvest. Companions: beans, corn, cucumbers, carrots, eggplants, parsley, radishes, tomatoes and turnips.


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